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Narcisse Navarre & Marzio Ombra met at a game of Dungeons & Dragons back in 2007.Marzio was DM’ing a wily bunch of gamer nerds through a high-seas, pirate campaign when Narcisse showed up. They've been writing together ever since.

Lovers of epic fantasy, horror, and sci-fi...




Our Schizophrenic Relationship with Sex and Violence

One of the more frustrating aspects of American culture is our schizophrenic relationship with sexuality and violence in media. As George RR Martin states, Americans have no problem with violence, but sex is a huge issue. For a long time I have grappled with understanding sex and violence in American…

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Writing Reality Check

Sometimes it can seem that everyone, their mother, and their grandmother is jumping on the novel-writing bandwagon. The indie publishing sphere has graduated to the terminology “artisanal publishing” for a reason: because it’s closely approaching the well-oiled machine mechanics of the big six. Indie authors are writing books in record…

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The Gardens of Skylands Manor in the Fall

I spend long hours at the computer. When I’m not designing, I’m writing or tweeting or doing something computer related. Time spent hunched over the keys can quickly add up to burnout if I’m not cognizant of taking breaks. Working around the clock may seem important until you realize that you’re…

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The Books of Lirios

My Main Character Comes to Life in 3D

My Graphic Design Background I became interested in CGI and 3D modeling in college. That was back in the day of betacams and Avid editing systems when 9Gig hard drives were serious business. I spent the days in dark rooms splicing quarter track, 16mm and occasionally, time behind hulking monitors working…

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Thoughts on Christabel and Geraldine

Back in high school I was that misunderstood kid who wandered graveyards and wore the long, dark skirts and combat boots. My idea of a hairstyle was washing my hair in the morning and leaving it to freeze during the twenty  block walk to school. Almost every morning I arrived in homeroom with my…

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52 Hours on a Train

The last five days have been nothing short of an extraordinary passage back in time. Four days ago I boarded the Amtrak Zephyr in Chicago’s Union Station, but not before taking a moment to pose in the grand stairway where that epic slow-mo shot in the Untouchables was filmed. Yes, I…

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