My co-author and I began to seriously contemplate writing a novel several years ago when our co-imagined story acquired a mind of its own. Sprawled over several dozen Google docs each with ten chapters, our baby was growing up. It was time to face the facts: We were becoming full time writers. Every chance we got, we delved into the mysterious world of Lirios. On IM, on Google docs, on our iPhones, Wordpad, notebooks, we found ways to write and collaborate, sketch, or otherwise discuss our project. Khajj’s world was bordering on an obsession and slowly I began to see the possibility of one day quitting my day job to dedicate myself dark fantasy full time. Marzio and I have outlined at least ten potential novels all of which have immense possibility. I get excited about fictional worlds and characters–it’s just who I am.


I’m a dreamer but also a doer. I like to tackle obstacles head on, educating myself along the way. Once we made up our minds to go the self publishing route, we had to learn quite a bit about the publishing industry. Hell I am still learning.

Around the house I started making some changes also. I began setting aside time at night to reconnect with Marzio on IM. Usually from 9-11 we can be found chatting away on Skype or AIM, discussing plot, characters, chapters etc. I am very fortunate to have married a wonderful man who not only supports my writing but truly encourages it. As my writing ideas took off, my husband and I began to toy with the idea of converting a spare bedroom that was filled to the ceiling with junk into a cozy writing nook.

Two months ago we took a weekend to take all the old clothes and scattered junk out. Some stuff we donated, the rest went elsewhere in our house. We pulled up the rug to find cracked 1/4″ plywood which would not support the Brazilian Cherry we had found on sale. Undeterred, we tore up the plywood also to make room for a new floor. The rug, which was laid down years before Rob bought the house, was positively nasty. It had to go.

As we were waiting for the floor install we painted. I wanted to keep the back wall black for photo and video shoots so that worked out great. The rest of the room was painted metallic silver to capture the natural light. Paint and flooring went a long way to transforming the room but as we stared at the sliding closet doors we suddenly got the idea to get rid of the closet. I took the clothes out and brought an old writing desk I had in the garage upstairs. Suddenly…there it was! The writing nook I was craving materialized out of my closet! We tore the shelves out and asked my dad for help spackling the walls. Once I picked out a rich shade of aubergine, the mood was set. I was gonna get Merlot theatrical curtains, a chandelier and go all out on decorating the room with the proper sumptuous mood. In short, it was gonna be a Victorian bordello! But stylish of course!

Slowly, the idea took shape. For Christmas, Rob surprised me with a brand new laptop and monitor and took the time to frame the art I had lying around. Once we brought in my strange satyr sculptures and added a few decadent touches, my writing room was chock full of Dmonysian wickedness. When the door is closed and the music is playing, this room is sublime. I was joking on Twitter the other day when I called it my woman cave but it really does feel grotto-like. It’s dark, sumptuous, silky, quiet, in short, a wonderful space to create wonderful stories.

I strongly encourage writers to find a quiet place for their craft. It’s difficult enough to write a novel but even more so when you have blaring televisions, kids running around and an atmosphere that is not conducive to mood and concentration. I feel blessed and lucky to have been able to carve such an exquisite escritoire in my home. With some imagination and planning even a large closet can be turned into a uniquely-you writing nook.

Happy writing!