An Endless Hunger

by Narcisse Navarre

New York City’s oldest resident hasn’t aged a day. Beneath his youthful facade lurks an ancient menace. Experience the nightmare of eternal damnation through the depraved psyche of a nameless villain. Lose yourself in this antihero’s shattered mind as he drifts between past and present, dreams and reality.

In the tradition of Gothic vampire horror, An Endless Hunger is a poetic and harrowing journey told in a daringly provocative voice—that of the monster.

Navarre’s cold-blooded killer is as human as any of us. He salivates for warmth. The significant pull of An Endless Hunger is in association. Navarre doesn’t just get inside the mind of a man driven to consumption, she grips her readers in their insatiable greed for human contact.
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Praise for An Endless Hunger

“Fans of Anne Rice and other similar brooding vampires will most certainly enjoy the tour de force through the unsettled mind of this undead creature.” –REVIEW & Blog Post by Rick Gualtieri, Author of Bigfoot Hunters  +Read More

“Readers who are interested in a dark-paranormal read where the vampire is not loving and loyal but quite the opposite will enjoy this book. If you are looking for a vampire that belongs to the monsters of legend–a loner who hunts by instinct, born with an insatiable blood thirst, An Endless Hunger is what you are looking for.” –REVIEW & Blog Post by Juice Juls +Read More

“In the days of “sparkly” vampires, it’s nice to see a vampire doing what he’s supposed to do.” –REVIEW & Blog Post by Derek Flynn +Read More

“The book doesn’t disappoint in any way. It is exactly what you expect it to be – dark and enticing. I felt compelled to finish it in one go. There is kidnapping, murder and madness. The main character is am immortal, bound by forces unknown to him to remain young forever, feasting on the blood of mortal women. He suffers from insatiable, endless hunger to collect art and beauty in all its forms but he’s cursed to never be satisfied by what he possesses. He is damned to kill everyone he loves, never able to have what he craves most. Doomed to eternal loneliness, he struggles through the fading memories of his disappearing humanity.” –REVIEW & Blog Post by Lana Walker +Read More

“This short story, will let you step into the world of darkness, and feel for a moment how does it feel to be a monster.” –Agnes Wozniak +Read More

“In ‘An Endless Hunger,’ Narcisse Navarre allows us to see the agony and torment that only such an eternal creature can experience. She takes us into the very psyche of the vampire and we understand that even with all of his supernatural power, his very own existence is often out of his control. We feel his hopelessness and despair as he desperately tries to hold on to some sort of humanity.Not your usual vampire tale but one that will cause you to better understand these creatures of the night. An excellent read for the vampire fan. A must read for the vampire aficionado.” –Snowtalker +Read More

“The story seductively grabs you and never lets go; dragging you though lonely subways, dark caverns and old Spanish galleons. It is part horror, part love story, part psychological thriller. The power of the work can really be felt as the pages turn and one begins to perceive through four hundred year old Spanish eyes, smelling the dampness of underground New York; so immersed within the characters mind that one begins to feel the love, joy, hunger, loss, pain and torment of the Eternal as if it was one’s own.” –Lawrence Arteaga +Read More

“Right from the opening sentence, the author pulls you into the psyche of her tormented vampire. I’m a fan of the darker side of the vampire and the book left me wanting more.” –Dominick +Read More