Daevil’s Tears (Coming Soon)

By Narcisse Navarre

Daevil’s Tears

Epic Fantasy Erotica

Driven from the borderlands by raiders, Lorel and her older brother Darion are taken in by their estranged uncle who works at Villa Thessana, a renowned distillery. The siblings are given strict rules of conduct and put to work. Darion helps with the harvest while Lorel finds work as a scullery maid.

In the villa, Lorel meets a charming artist who challenges her sexual boundaries and exposes her to a web of secrets. Behind closed doors lurks a treacherous underworld of forbidden passions from which she may never escape.



Narcisse Navarre

Narcisse Navarre was born in Havana, Cuba in 1975. She grew up surrounded by nature in a world nearly devoid of media. Prompted by her father’s nightly tales of the Greek Gods, folklore, and magic, Narcisse’s imagination blossomed into an extraordinary force in her life. In 1984 she emigrated to the United States where she realized her dream of becoming an artist, and author. Narcisse is an avid world traveler and adventure seeker who incorporates her experiences into her work. She lives in an enchanted castle in upstate New York with her husband and cat.

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Here’s what beta readers are saying:

Narcisse paints a grotesquely beautiful world and a coming of age story you won’t soon forget. Epic fantasy  meets erotica in surprising and delightful ways.

– Conah Brook

This book is not for the timid. Lorel’s journey will challenge you, arouse you, and make you squirm. The storytelling is lush with gothic horror undertones.

– Debra Trejo

Readers looking for romantic happy endings best go elsewhere. Daevil’s Tears is a dark coming of age story set in a grim underworld of lies and secrets. Tread carefully.

– Robin Coates

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