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Welcome to InkSorcery, the blog of cowriters Narcisse Navarre & Marzio Ombra

Narcisse and Marzio met at a game of Dungeons & Dragons in 2007. Marzio was DM’ing a wily bunch of gamer nerds through a high-seas, pirate campaign when a new player showed up–Narcisse. Narcisse wasn’t just your average player, she was an outstanding pirate–diving into the role in ways that left Marzio slack-jawed.

Narcisse filled Marzio’s inbox with role-playing emails of her character’s doings, elaborate graphics of hand-written journals and ship logs, and a slew of story ideas that brought Marzio’s universe to life. He had never met anyone so driven to suspend her disbelief. In short, Marzio was inspired. He began to write Narcisse back.

Eventually the pirate campaign came to an end and the group disbanded, but Narcisse and Marzio remained friends. They kept gaming together and writing together and soon they faced a problem–an organizational one. As the disparate threads of emails grew into solid novel ideas, they began to jot down notes and create documents that would result in a rich and vibrant fantasy world.

The more they wrote and collaborated, the more it became apparent that they had not one novel, but several series on their hands. Faced with the momentous task of organizing hundreds of pages of notes, Narcisse and Marzio had to face the brutal truth–they didn’t have the first clue as to how to write a novel.

Narcisse had a strong literary background and Marzio a storytelling one. Their voices couldn’t be further apart! And so, the head butting began.

Cowriting is not an easy endeavor. Two brains are not always better than one. Early co-writing attempts were fraught with frustration. They yelled at each other, threw tantrums, threatened to burn manuscripts and rage quit, but through all of it, their friendship persevered. After many years (and many scars) they found a common writing voice.

Which brings us to the present.

Against all odds, Narcisse and Marzio have finished their first co-written work. The Tendrils of Fate is an epic, romantic fantasy novel set in a vast and detailed fantasy world.

But…but…does it have pirates? Why, yes, yes it does!

Wonders and terrors await the reader who dares.

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