Keri Lake over on her blog  posted some interesting questions in her blog post for the Liebster Blog Award Q&A that is making the rounds. She left the door wide open for “anyone who would like to participate”. I decided to join in! See what happens, Keri?

Here are the Liebster Blog Award Rules:

Each nominee must answer the 11 questions.

  • Create 11 questions for the next nominees to answer.
  • Link back to who nominated them.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs!

Time to answer Keri’s delightful questions!

QWell, it turns out that your good-for-nothing fairy godmother actually came through with a spell that works. The next book you read will become your reality. That’s right, you’ll be transported from your current existence, straight into the book. The question is, which book do you pick up next?

For anyone that knows me this will come as no surprise at all. My favorite book is what I would read again immediately (for like the 42nd time). That book is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I am so ready to live in Hobbiton!

QYour crazy uncle has finally done it … he’s built a time machine that he’s pretty sure is going to work, though he hasn’t actually tested it yet. On humans, anyway. You’re asked to be his guinea pig. Knowing there’s a good chance you might not come back from this trip, to which period would you like to travel back in time?

Funny thing, I just watched a terrific film yesterday titled “Safety Not Guaranteed” where this exact question was posed. So many choices! The problem I have with these sorts of questions is that I always over-think them! For example, my gut reaction might be to travel back to the Middle Ages, but then I realize that I don’t speak the same version of English as they did, or any of the languages in that time. Then there is the Black Death, so I would want immunizations and so on. In order to have some fun and to satisfy my brain, let us assume that my dear old crackpot Uncle has agreed to allow me sufficient time to prepare appropriately for surviving in the time period of my choice. Given that, I think I would want to go back to the dawn of civilization, I would go back to ancient Sumeria. However, with my luck, within two days of arrival I would be burned as a Demon despite my preparations!

QWhile showing off your old cheerleading moves at an outdoor keg party, you lose your balance doing a herkie and land on a patch of ice, knocking your head pretty hard. Your doc declares you out of sorts and writes you a note to excuse any behaviors deemed ‘temporarily insane’. What’s at the top of your havoc-wreaking agenda for the day?

Stealing a supercar and opening it up to ‘lunatic speed’ on Interstate 80! Kind of what I do now, except that a Saturn is about as much a supercar as I am Superman.

QWhat’s your favorite supernatural?

Another non-surprise for my friends – Werewolves! Nevertheless, in the spirit of revealing something new, I do have another favorite supernatural entity! It is something that I have been enthralled with as long as I have been reading books about the strangeness of the world. It is the legendary Barghest (AKA Black Dog). Not sure why it is, but that particular legend has always been a vivid element in my love of all things weird and creepy. In fact, Dhatura Sunblood from our Khajj saga has a combination Black Dog / Hellhound as a companion partly due to my obsession with Barghests!

QIf you were stranded on an island and had the choice between a hot gal or a REALLY good book with a smokin’ hot alpha, what would you choose?

Gal, of course! With a partner, my chances of surviving improve. Plus ‘surviving’ would be a lot more interesting!

QFirst date attire: jeans and t-shirt or a dress suit?

If I have my way, it will be T-Shirt and Jeans!

QIt so happens you’ve got some mad guitar skills. You decide to form a band. What’s the name of your band?

Stoned Golem – and we would play psy-trance!

QAfter months of floating alone through space, you land on a planet that makes our tropical paradises here on Earth look like the slums. Even more exciting than that, the only beings on the planet are women. But that’s not even the cake … every one of them are book girlfriends from the many romance novels you’ve read the last few months in your cramped spaceship cabin. Okay, sure, maybe you’ve lost your mind, but that’s irrelevant. The important question here is: who’s gonna be your leading woman on this crazy planet?

I’m going to assume my own characters are off limits! In that case, Valeria from Robert E. Howard’s novella, “Red Nails”. There is a woman with whom I could conquer a world.

QIf you could be any badass male from any book or movie who would you be and why?

Well, if I am dating Valeria on an alien world, I am going to be Snake Plissken. That dude is sexy, multi-talented and as badass as they come. Plus he is IMPOSSIBLE to kill!

QDescribe yourself in three words.

Comfortably curious cookie.

QThe supes are at war with each other and as one of few humans remaining you’re forced to take a side. Which supe is more likely to come out on top and why? Demons, werewolves, vampires or witches?

Oh my heart wants the Werewolves to win, but they will fall to the demonic armies. Demons have all of the other creatures’ attributes in spades. No doubt the three losing factions will put up a heated fight, but in the end it will be the demons that shall prevail. As for me, I will go out in a final glorious stand of fanged, furry fury. After all, I may be human, but I can be turned! There are worse ways to makes one’s exit.

Now it’s my turn to ask questions!

  1. Bad News! You were accidentally killed in a ridiculous stunt while partying with a drunken God. Good News! He feels terrible about the whole mess and has offered to return you to life, Bad News! Due to the complex and arcane rules dictating what the Gods and Goddesses can and cannot do, you cannot be revived as a human being! Good News! You can be brought back as any non-human race from fiction! Which race do you choose and why?
  2. Tomorrow at dawn you will be executed, but tonight you dine. What is your last meal?
  3. Enough of Death, let’s try Life – Would you prefer mortality or immortality? If you choose mortality, how long would you like to live? Why?
  4. Someone who knows you quite well told me that you are like an animal but I forgot which one. What animal do you think they said and why on earth would they say such a thing?
  5. What is the best prize you ever received and what did you do to win it?
  6. Hot damn! They are making a movie of your life! Due to the complex and arcane rules dictating what Hollywood Gods can and cannot do, they have asked you to name who will direct this epic film and which actor/actress will play you. Who are they?
  7. You have been banished! What in the Nine Hells did you do to deserve Exile and where will you go?
  8. We all have our moments. What is the absolute smartest and/or dumbest thing you have ever done?
  9. What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?
  10. The Sphinx owes you a boon for services rendered. She has agreed to answer one question with complete honesty & accuracy. What question would you ask?
  11. For some crazy reason, you decided to let the party God from Question 1 borrow your house last weekend and the nut completely trashed the place! While he did agree to have it cleaned up, he feels awful all the same. To patch up your friendship he hands you a ‘Re-Do’ coin. It grants you one free ‘do-over’ for any one event in your life. Do you use it right away or hold onto it for future needs?

The Nominees, in no particular order, are: Roberto MendozaJessica AspenChristina LoweEden BayleeAisling WeaverQueen AudreyLana WalkerDerek FlynnDonya LynneRick GualtieriMartin ShelbyDiana Lee

Plus any of YOU wonderful people reading this right now! Enjoy!