We hired an amazing artist!

In anticipation of the completion of this new book, I’ve commissioned UK fantasy artist, caricaturist and portrait painter Emily Hare (formerly Manon Delacroix) to do the cover. I fell in love with her work as soon as I saw it. Once I told her of the concept she jumped at the idea. “We’ll need an attractive male model to pose,” she said. I smiled. “I know just the person,” I said. That’s when I wrote an email to my friend, model Andrei Andrei who was more than happy to work with me on this project. (Click here to read an interview with my muse Andrei )

Last weekend I showed up to Andrei’s and Carmen’s apartment with backdrops and lights and setup shop. Using Emily’s preliminary sketches, we played around with some ideas.

andrei-andrei-tof-photoshootAside from being a model, Andrei is very knowledgeable of lighting and photography. Between the both of us we nailed it in under an hour (totally pro!). The pictures that emerged were nothing short of stunning.

The best part is that Emily can actually capture their likeness in her painting, making this collaboration super fun. I am blessed to be working with such amazing talent. I think the most interesting part of being my own publisher is handling all the aspects that go into creating a book. Each book has it’s own energy and should be treated individually.

I love this process and can’t wait to tell you more. In the meantime, rest assured, I have crawled up from the depths of my writer’s block.Tendrils of Fate promises to be an unbelievable tale of adventure.

Andrei and Carmen pose for some cover shots!

Black and White Sketch Arrives

You can imagine our awe and joy when the black and white sketch arrived in our inbox. I squealed with glee. This is the cover this novel deserves! Love it. You can see the final, color version here.