The Tendrils of Fate

All it took was five years, (and counting) but we did it—The Tendrils of Fate is finally out there for the world to read. And so far, the reviews are terrific!

No, we aren’t published (yet)! However, you can read the first six chapters of our novel (for free) over at Wattpad. Wattpad is a free fiction site that offers authors and readers a rare and wonderful opportunity beyond the standard relationship. On Wattpad, readers can comment—on a chapter, on a paragraph, or even a single sentence. And we authors can respond. We can have an actual dialog as our story is consumed!

So far, we have posted the first six chapters, plus the map and calendar. We will be posting a new chapter every Friday. With 60+ chapters, this is the beginning of an epic adventure.

Narcisse and I have spent five years and a lot of money refining, revising, and polishing this story to a golden shine. The few friends and family that have read it proclaimed its gCogs by Marzio Ombrareatness. But I must confess, it is a genuine thrill to read the comments from a total stranger who is enthralled with your work—and wants more!

We haven’t given up on finding our agent and we are still pursuing the dream of traditional publishing. One can only hear, “sorry” and “not at this time” long enough before one must try a different approach. We just stopped waiting to share our story with readers.

In addition, we have also uploaded two additional treats. Narcisse posted her horror masterpiece, An Endless Hunger and I uploaded Cogs, a science fiction action yarn.

Come join us over at Wattpad. Read our tales, tell us what you think, and be sure to give each chapter a star!

Until then we will keep plugging away until our dream comes true. As Narcisse is fond of saying, “Effort+Time = Success!”